Guide to Setup HP Wireless Printer Quickly

Setup HP Printer

Unable to setup an HP printer with your computer? If yes, then stay tuned with this blog. In this blog, we explore the ways to HP Wireless Printer Setup on a computer.

How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer?

Generally, an HP printer can be connected to wifi by the 4 methods listed below.

  • USB Cable Connection or Printer Without Display:

Users who owned the traditional HP printer without a display can use this method for HP Printer Setup on windows. Users need to use the USB cable to set up the HP printer and follow the given steps.

  1. Turn ON the Printer.

  2. Connect the computer and HP printer unit via a USB cable.

    Connect Computer and HP Printer Via USB Cable

  3. Search and Download the Printer software for your printer. Users can refer to the user manual or contact the customer service center if unable to find the appropriate printer software.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer software on a computer system.
  • Wireless Setup Wizard or Printer With Display:

Users who owned HP wireless touchscreen printers (with display panels) should use the following steps to Setup for HP printer.

  1. Turn ON your printer unit.

  2. Put your HP printer near the router or modem.

  3. Unplug the USB cable and wireless cable connected between the Printer unit and the computer.

  4. Tap the wireless icon on a printer from the printer display panel. Alternatively, users can also go to the Network Menu-> Wireless setup wizard.

    Wi-Fi setup wizard

  5. Select the wireless network to which you want to configure your printer.

  6. Enter the wireless network password. If the printer is unable to detect your wireless network then, users can manually add the wireless network.

  7. Click the ok button to complete HP Wireless Printer Setup.
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect Method:

Some advanced printer models have a feature that automatically connects to the wireless network. The network cable or configuration of the network is not required for these kinds of printers. Users can follow the following steps to configure the HP printer to a Wireless network via the HP Auto Wireless Connect method.

  1. Users need to install HP software for printers on your device like computers, laptops, or mobile phones.

  2. Visit the official HP support page and download the HP printer drivers. Users can find the appropriate printer drivers by entering the printer model number.

    HP Support Drivers

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the HP printer drivers downloaded in step 2.

  4. Turn on the HP printer device before running the software.

  5. Select Wireless, when you prompted the connection type Ethernet/Wireless.

  6. Click on the option like “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended)”.

  7. It will take a couple of minutes to connect. Click on the finish button, once it is done.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS Method:

The users who owned the printer and router that supports the WPS push button can follow the given steps for HP Printer Setup.

  1. Place the printer close to the network router.

  2. Turn ON the printer and start the WPS button on it.

  3. Push the button (Wi-Fi) on your printer and Hold the WPS button on your router for about two minutes until the connection begins.

    WPS Button

  4. Your printer connects to the network when the wireless bar or light on the printer stop flashing.

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi?

The simplest way to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi is by using the HP Smart App. An HP smart application allows users to print, scan, and share documents. All the wireless HP printers and HP+ enabled printers are compatible with the HP smart app. Users can refer to the following steps to Connect the HP printer to a wireless network.

  1. HP smart applications support Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. Users can visit and download the HP Smart app.

    HP Smart App

  2. Open the HP smart App.

  3. Users need to create or sign in HP account to access all the functions of the HP smart application.

  4. Place the printer and computer close to the network router.

  5. Turn ON your HP printer.

  6. Turn on the Wi-Fi feature of your computer and connect to a wireless network.

  7. Users should enable Bluetooth on computer devices so that the HP Smart app can detect the printer during the setup.

  8. Add your HP printer by clicking the Add Printer button or + icon.

    Add Your Printer ON HP Smart App

  9. Follow the on-screen instruction to add an HP printer.

  10. On the Main screen of the HP Smart app, tap on the Printer Settings option.

    Printer Settings Option On HP Smart App

  11. Click on Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup Wizard.

  12. Select your wireless network from the available network.

  13. Enter the network credentials if asked.

This is how, users can easily connect HP printers to a Wi-Fi network.

In case you are unable to connect your printer to WiFi, then use these 5 solutions to fix the HP Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi issue.

How to Set up a HP Wireless Printer On Windows?

Windows users can follow the given steps for Wireless HP printer Setup.

  1. Turn ON the printer, router, and computer system.

  2. Check if the printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

  3. Download and install the appropriate HP printer drivers for your device from the HP support website.

  4. Launch the Control Panel and click on Devices->Add a printer from your computer.

    Add a Printer

  5. Select your printer from the list and follow the on-screen instructions to add a printer on windows.

How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer On Mac?

Mac users can follow the given steps for HP printer wireless setup.

  1. Turn on your printer device and ensure that your MacBook and printer device are using the same network.

  2. Download and install HP printer drivers for Mac from the official HP support website.

  3. Go to the Apple menu-> System Preferences->Printers and Scanners.

  4. Click on the + icon to add the new printer to Mac.

    Printers and Scanners

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the HP printer on Mac.

We hope this setup guide assists HP printer users in the configuration of the HP printer to the wireless network. Users can feel free to connect us in case of any further questions.