Why Won't Printer is Not Responding? - How to Fix?

Most of the Printer users reported that they often get Printer is Not Responding issue with their printers. If you are getting the same error with your printer of any brand then, stay tuned with this blog to resolve Printer not responding problem.

Why is My Printer Not Responding – Possible Reasons for the Error

Printer not responding error occurs when the printer is not following instructions provided by the computer system. Possible reasons that can lead Printer is Not Responding issue are given below.

  • Incorrect Printer configurations
  • Incompatible Printer Driver software
  • Paper jam in a printer
  • Faulty Ink Cartridges Installation
  • Presence of corrupted file Print job queue
  • No Print papers in Paper tray

[Fixed] - Printer is Not Responding in Windows 10/11

  • Ensure that Printer is Well connected:

Users need to check that printer is turned ON, and all the cables are connected properly. Wireless Printer users should check if the computer system and printer are connected to the same network. Traditional Printer users should check if the USB cable for damaged and replaces it if any. Try to connect the USB cable to another USB cable.

  • Conduct Power cycle:

Sometimes, when your printer is continuously printing jobs for long hours the printer might stop responding.  Users can run Power Cycle in the following way.

  1. Turn off printer and remove the power cable from the socket.

  2. Remove all the connected cables to printer.

  3. Wait for couple to minutes (minimum 10 minutes)

  4. Reconnect all the cables and Turn On the printer unit.

  5. Test Printer.
  • Set your printer as the default Printer:

Windows 10 and windows 11 are having the special feature called let Windows manage my default printer. This feature automatically set the last used printer as the default printer in the windows. User can get Printer is not responding problem if another printer is set as the system default printer. Users can change the Windows default printer by using given steps.

  1. Open the Cortana search box on windows 10.

  2. Type Default printer and tap the enter button.

  3. After then, turn of Let Windows manage my default printer option from the below screen.

    Windows Manage

  4. Go to Control Panel ->Devices and Printers.

  5. Green tick mark printer is the default printer of your window. Users can click on alternative printer to set that printer as the default printer.
  • Restart Printer Spooler Services:

All the printer jobs are controlled by the Printer spooler service. Users can restart the Printer spooler service to resolve Printer is not respond on Windows issues. Steps to restart printer spooler services are given here.

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type services.msc in the text box and tap the Enter button.

  3. Click on Printer Spooler from the services list.

  4. In the Printer spooler Properties screen, tap on stop button located under the system status heading.

    Printer spooler Properties screen

  5. Click on the Ok button to save settings.

  6. Open My Pc and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS.

  7. Delete all the files present in the Printers directory.

  8. Go back to Printer Spooler Properties window and click on Start button under the service status.

  9. Set the start up type of Printer spooler services to automatic.

  10. Restart computer system and check printer for error.
  • Update Printer Driver software:

Printer drivers are crucial for error free printing experience. Corrupted or outdated printer drivers might leads to Printer driver unavailable issues. Users can Update Printer drivers by using the steps given below. Internet connection is crucial to Download and Update printer driver software.

  1. Press windows + X keys from the keyboard and go to Device Manager from the list.

  2. Tap on Printer from the list of Devices.

  3. Right-click on your Printer and click on Update Driver option from the context menu.

  4. It will ask user ‘how do you want to search for drivers?’, click on Search automatically for updated driver software option.

  5. After then, windows will download suitable drivers for your printer.
  • Run Windows Built-in Printer troubleshooter:

Window 10 is having built-in troubleshooter that automatically detect and resolve the issues. Users can run troubleshooter by using the steps given here.

  1. Press the Windows + I keys to launch the Settings App.

  2. Go to Update & Security category and click on Troubleshoot.

  3. In the right-side, click on Run the troubleshooter button below the Printer heading.

    Troubleshooter button

  4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the Printer troubleshooting.

  5. Test the Printer for Printer not responding issue.
  • Check For Windows Update:

Some technical glitches might cause the Printer is not responding problem. Users can update Windows 10/11 to resolve Printer issue in the following manner.Internet Connection in necessary to Update Windows Operating System.

  1. Click on Start and launch Settings Applications.

  2. Go to the Update and Security Category.

  3. Click on the Check for Updates button to Update Windows.

Apart from the above checks, user can also check for paper jam, ink level of ink cartridges, Print papers in the paper tray to fix printer not responding problem. Users can connect us for any queries regarding Printer won’t printing issue.