Why is my hp printer offline? How to bring it online

why is my printer offline hp

Most of the HP printer users reported that they are facing HP printer offline issue with their HP printer. When the HP printer unit and the computer system are unable establish a connection link, user might get the printer is offline message. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons behind why is my printer offline hp problem and the simple solutions to overcome the problem. So the HP printer users who are facing the same problem can stay tuned with this blog to solve the problem. 

Why is my hp printer showing offline?

There are several reasons which lead to hp printer offline issues. It is hard to identify the exact reason why is my hp printer offline problem. Users can seek technical help from the expert for the quick solution of the HP printer problem. Users can also fix the problem by performing some checks given below.

  • Restart the printer:

Users should restart the printer and the associated computer the system. If the printer is used continuously then there can be a problem in the internal printer hardware or the driver software. In this case, the user can turn off the printer unit, wait for some time, and start it again.

  • Check the connection:

Users should check the physical cable connection between the HP printer unit and the computer system. Both the ends of the USB cables are properly inserted in the USB ports. Try to use another USB cable for connection establishment between printer and computer system. In the case of a network printer, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. 

  • Manually set the printer online:

Users can follow given steps for manually setting the printer online.

  1. Go to start-> control panel-> devices and printers.

  2. User can see the printer icon. Right-click on the printer icon and go to ‘see what’s printing’ option.

  3. It will display the list of pending print jobs. Click on the printer options and select ‘use printer online’ option from the drop-down menu.

  4. Test the Hp printer for the printer is an offline error.
  • Update the HP printer drivers:

A printer driver is a key requirement for the printing operation. Users must have the printer drivers installed in the system for the fine running of the printer. Just installing hp printer drivers is not enough; a user should update it regularly for the error-free printing experience. Users can update HP printer drivers by visiting the official website of the HP.

  • Clear the pending jobs from the print queue:

Corrupted entry in the print queue might cause the hp printer to show an offline error. Users can delete the corrupted entry or the entire pending print job to resolve the error. Here are the steps by following which the user can clear the pending print jobs from the print queue.

  1. Launch the control panel from your system.

  2. Go to printer and scanners. It will show the printer and scanner devices that are connected to your system. Right-click on your HP printer name.

  3. Click on the ‘see what’s printing’ option from the context menu.

  4. It will display the list of pending print jobs. Users can located and delete the corrupted document or clear the queue.

  5. Test the printer for error.
  • Turn off SNMP:

Users can execute the steps provided below to disable SNMP.

  1. Start-> devices and printer.

  2. Right-click on your HP printer name and go to properties.

  3. Go to ports-> configure ports.

  4. Here user can uncheck the checkbox of name ‘SNMP status enable’.

  5. Click on the ok button.

If still user is getting the same problem then the user can connect with the official HP printer support team for the quick solution.