Where Is WPS Pin on HP Printer and How To Connect?

A WPS pin is necessary to connect your HP printer to a computer system. In this blog, we will learn about what a WPS pin is and how to find a WPS pin for a hp printer. This blog is useful to users who recently bought a new hp printer or unable to locate the WPS pin on the hp printer. Users can visit the 123 HP Com Setup to configure your new printer on computer system.

What is the WPS Pin on the printer?

A WPS pin is the acronym of the wi-fi-protected setup pin. WPS pin is the 8-digit code out of them the first two digits indicate the manufacturer of the device and the remaining 6 digits are the combinations of numbers and letters. WPS pin is located on the bottom side of routers and, it is used for encrypting and protecting your network.

Where is WPS Pin on HP Printer
Where is WPS Pin on HP Printer

Where is the WPS Pin on my Printer?

The WPS pin is located on the back or side panel of the printer unit. Users can easily find the WPS pin from the network setting of the printer.

How To Connect HP printer with WPS Pin?

Users can find the WPS pin from the control panel of your printer. All the new HP printers come with LED screens. HP users can follow the given set of steps to locate WPS for establishing a wireless connection.

  1. Switch ON your HP printer.

  2. Go to the control panel of the printer.

  3. Press and hold the wireless button of your printer.

  4. Ensure that the wireless mode of your printer is ON. (Blinking of blue or green light indicates the wireless mode.)

  5. Go to Settings-> Network setup.

  6. Click on WPS-protected setup-> WPS pin.

  7. After selecting the WPS pins option, users can see the 8-digit WPS pin on the LED screen of their printer.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

This WPS pin can be used to HP Wireless Printer Setup on a computer system and printer wirelessly from the computer system.

Where is The WPS Push Button on My Router?

Users can easily connect wireless devices to the home or office network with the use of the WPS push button. This method doesn’t need a WPS pin for establishing a connection. The WPS push button is located on the back side of routers. The WPS push button is denoted with the symbol as shown in the below image.

WPS Push Button Router

Connect HP Printer with WPS Push Button?

Some HP printers like the HP Desk Jet series don’t have an LED screen. For such printers, users can use the WPS button located on a router to connect the printer and router without a WPS pin.

  1. Power ON HP printer. Reboot the printer if it is already ON.

  2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your printer until the indicator light starts blinking.

  3. Locate the WPS push button on your router and press it for five seconds.

    WPS Push Button

  4. Ensure that the WPS indicator on the router starts blinking after pressing the WPS push button.

  5. Wait for a few seconds till the indicator lights on the printer and router stop blinking.

In this way, user can connect their HP printer to the router.

How to Print WPS Pin on a Paper:

Some HP printer like HP Deskjet 2700 series are capable to print on paper with WPS pin of the network. Users can use the steps provided here to printer WPS pin on a paper.

  1. Turn ON or restart your printer device.

  2. Go to printer control panel.

  3. Press the wireless and information button at once. (button no 3 and 4 indicates the information and wireless button respectively.

    Support HP Com

  4. Holding this buttons runs the command to print WPS pin on paper.

    HP Network Configuration Page

  5. Wait until the printer release the paper with WPS pin printed on it.

WPS pin and WPS push button are helpful to connect printer with other devices wirelessly. Now a days, latest smartphones are come along with WPS push button on it. After reading this article, user can successfully connect your printer to other devices with WPS pin or WPS push button.