Hp Solution Center Download Windows 10

hp solution center windows 10 download

In this blog we will learn about HP Solution Center Download Windows 10 and its issues while downloading, Technical glitches that come up when using an HP printer then for devices with a windows operating system the best troubleshooting program is the HP Solution center software. This effective troubleshooting program is available with any and all HP printers and devices.

The HP Solution Center software allows you to scan pictures, order printing supplies, tells you when a repair is needed, it can also check the cartridges. You may face some technical errors when installing this software. For proper installation and for the best solutions, certified technicians are the best bet.

HP Solution Center Download Windows 10

With every software for an HP printer, the HP solution center is already calibrated. This is true whether you download from the website or from the CD.

Click the icon for the software after you download it.

Select the operating system that you are using for the solution center. In case the software is not there, you can download the drivers from the website. If the printer version is older than 2011. It will not support HP Solution Center. Then you should use the printer assistant for HP.

Install HP Solution Center on the computer system

  • HP solution center enriches with each HP printer software auto configured.
  • When you downloaded this software, the icon will hide automatically.
  • Find the windows system of your printer for the hp solution center.
  • If software is missing, download the same drivers for HP.

Download HP Solution Center with Easy Steps

There is no direct link available to HP solution center download , So you need to install full features HP software to download HP solution center.

  • Turn on your HP printer.
  • Disconnect USB cable.
  • Open and install the drivers.and install the drivers.
  • Select your printer from list.
  • You can change the default OS just by clicking on change and choose the version and click on change.
  • Under the driver ‘field and click on download.

HP Solution Center is the Printer management program that comes with the Printer Driver Software. Users need to download and install the full feature Printer driver software to Use HP Solution Center. The Steps to install full feature Printer driver software are given here.

  1. Turn on the printer unit.
  2. Ensure that the printer unit is well connected to the computer system via USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  3. Open a Web browser and go to the Official HP website.
  4. Click on the Software and Driver download tab and select the Printer option.
  5. Enter your HP printer model number and click on submit button.
  6. Select the operating system of your computer system.
  7. Download all the printer driver’s files.
  8. double click on the downloaded file and follow on-screen instructions to install drivers.
  9. After installation of full HP printer drivers, users can find the HP Solution Center on the desktop.
  10. Users can double-click on the desktop icon to launch the HP solution center.

HP Solution Center

The user who encountered with the HP Solution Center is missing can reinstall the HP drivers from the system or check for the HP printer drivers Update. Outdated drivers might lead to HP Solution Center stopping working problem.

How to Resolve HP Solution center issues after upgrading Windows?

The users who get HP Solution center issues after upgrading Windows can restart the Printer spooler Services. After then, uninstall Printer Drivers from the computer and install the latest Printer driver Software from the official HP website. Here are the steps to troubleshoot HP Solution Center after upgrading Windows 10.

  1. Tap on Windows + R keys to launch the Run Dialog box.
  2. Type services.msc and hit the Ok button.
  3. Scroll down and click on Printer Spooler.
  4. After then, Click on Restart the Service option.
  5. Now, to uninstall printer drivers go to Control Panel-> Programs and Features.
  6. Click on HP printer from the list and select Uninstall option.
  7. Remove your HP printer from Devices and Printers.
  8. Open the Run Dialog box.
  9. Type printui.exe /s in the text box and click the OK button.
  10. Under the Driver tab, remove the HP printer drivers from the system.
  11. Restart the computer device and Download full feature HP drivers from its official site.

Service Local-min

How to fix the Flash player issue in HP Solution Center?

HP Solution center depends on the Adobe Flash player for its functionality. Adobe permanently disabled the Adobe Flash Player on Dec 31, 2020. After then, HP Solution Center not working from Jan 12, 2021.

Users can still use the HP Solution center if they set their system date before HP Solution Center stopped. Here are the steps to change the date of your computer system.

  • Go to Start and Open Control Panel.
  • Click on the Clock, Language, and Region section.

Computer Setting

  • Select the Date and Time option to update the System date.
  • Click on the ‘Change date and time’ button.
  • Set any date before Jan 12, 2021. Click on the Ok button to save changes.

Now users can use HP Solution Center without any error. In some cases, the system automatically corrects the date. The user needs to adjust the system date every time before using HP Solution Center software.

How to fix HP Solution Center stopped working issue?

It is very annoying to change the system date every time before using HP Solution Center. Users can also make use of alternative applications to resolve the HP solution center not working flash issue. Users can use the alternative applications given below. Users need to install HP printer drivers before using the applications given here.

  • HP Scan and Capture:

HP Scan and Capture allows users to scan the document from any HP scanning machine or built-in camera of your computer device. Users can edit, preview, share, and export images in different formats.

HP Scan and Capture


  • HP Scan Extended:

Users can also connect to an HP printer or scanner through the HP Scan Extended application. It allows users to scan, edit and save documents or images. It has the features like single/multiple scans, selection of source, mail as pdf/JPEG, send to the cloud, etc.

HP Scan

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