HP Printer Paper Jam Error [SOLVED]

The printer paper jam is a common error encountered by many printer users. The smallest piece of paper stuck inside the printer can stop the entire printing operation. Several times, the HP printer shows the HP Paper Jam issue, even if no paper is jammed in printer rollers. This is called the false paper jam.

After getting the HP printer paper jam error, the printer produces a weird noise and stops printing operations. Users can easily fix the printer paper jam problem by using the troubleshooting checks provided in this article.

How To Fix Paper Jam On HP Printer?

A simple power cycle might help to fix false HP paper jam errors. If not then, users can sequentially follow the solutions provided below.

  • Check the paper tray:

Users should check that, there are enough papers present in the paper tray to print the document. Overfilling the paper tray also causes the HP printer paper jam error. Users can refer to the HP printer user manual for the actual limit of papers inserted in the paper tray.

HP Printer Paper Jam
  • Improper Alignment or Positioning of Paper:

Users should properly align the print pages present in the paper tray. The size of the papers should be matched with the size of the paper tray. Remove rolls and folds on the print papers, if any. To avoid errors, users should use standard quality, moist-free print pages for printing.

HP Printer Paper Jam Feed Issue
Credit HP
  • Check the paper size of the document:

It is necessary to select the proper print paper size in the printer settings. Several times, users are trying to print A3-size documents on A4-size print papers. Users can update the HP printer’s preferences setting by referring to the following steps.

  1. From the computer, open the file which needs to be printed.

  2. Go to file->print or press ctrl+P to open a print menu.

  3. Click on the Printer properties.

    Printer Properties

  4. Alternatively, users can go to the Control panel-> Hardware and Sound->Devices and Printers.

  5. Select your HP printer and go to the printer properties.

  6. Click on the paper/quality tab.

  7. Select the required document size under the paper size drop-down menu.

  8. Users can select custom from the drop-down menu if the necessary paper size is not available in the drop-down menu.

  9. Tap on the new button.

    Add New Paper

  10. Enter the name of the paper size.

  11. Type the height and width of the paper inserted in the paper tray.

    Custom Paper Size

  12. Click on the Ok-> Save button.
  • Clear Paper Jam from Printer’s Back Panel:

Users can use the steps given here to clear paper jams from the printer’s rear end.

  1. Turn off the HP printer.

  2. Remove the power cable.

  3. Open the rear access door of the HP printer.

    Rear Access Door Of The HP Printer

  4. Gently pull the jammed papers or tiny pieces of paper.

    Removing Stuck Paper From The Printer

  5. Reattach the rear access door.

  6. Turn ON the HP printer.

Gently removing stuck papers from the front end of an HP printer can cause mechanical damage. So, always use the above steps to remove paper jams in a printer.

  • Clear Jammed Papers From The Cartridge Area:

Users also need to check the cartridge area for paper jams. Inkjet HP printer users need to access the ink cartridge and clear the paper jam in the following way.

  1. Turn off the HP printer and disconnect the power cable.

    Disconnect The Power Cable

  2. Wait for a few minutes to cool down the printer unit.

  3. Take out all the print papers from the paper tray.

  4. Pull out the paper tray from the printer.

    Printer Paper Tray

  5. With the help of a torch, ensure that no paper or torn paper piece is present below the paper tray.

  6. Open the cartridge door.

    Printer Cartridge Door

  7. Carefully remove the bits of torn paper from the front side of the printer. Users can also use the blower to remove dust or tiny particles.

  8. Close the cartridge door.

Try printing a test page. Users can also clean the input paper tray and output paper tray to resolve paper jams.

  • Clean the Printer Rollers and Wheels:

Clearing the paper path also helps to resolve paper jams. The paper path includes the pickup roller, feeder roller, and wheels. Pickup rollers pick the paper from the input tray. The feeder roller sends the paper to the printing operation. Users can use the following steps to clean the paper path.

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable.

    Disconnect Power Cable From The Printer

  2. Open the paper path cover of the printer.

  3. Dampen a clean cloth in distilled or bottled water. Squeeze the excess water from the cleaning cloth.

  4. Clean with roller and wheels with the dampened cloth. Never use alcohol or other chemicals to clean the rollers.

  5. Users can rotate the roller with the use of fingers and clean rollers.

    Printer Feeder Rollers

  6. Ensure that the pickup and feeder rollers are clean and in good condition.

  7. Wait for the rollers to dry completely.

  8. Close the paper path cover of the printer.
  • Reset The Printer:

If the above steps are unable to fix the paper jam issue then, the user can reset the HP printer. Resetting the printer helps to fix faulty or misconfigured settings of the printer. Users can sequentially follow the given set of steps o reset the printer.

  1. Tap the Menu button on the printer control panel.

  2. With the use of arrow buttons go to Factory Reset Menu.

  3. Press the OK button.

  4. Confirm the same by pressing the Yes button.

The presence of dust and tiny paper particles inside the printer is the common reason for paper jams. Regular deep cleaning of the HP printer might help to avoid paper jam errors.

By following the above troubleshooting checks, users can easily clear the paper jam in the HP printer. If none of the above checks helps then, users can contact their service providers.