How To HP Wireless Printer Setup?


HP Wireless Printer Setup in Windows and Mac

Now easy Help Guide available for steps and solutions for hp wireless printer setup. In this help guide you will get all the answers of your questions related to hp wireless printer setup. HP printers are most reliable and user-friendly printers. Plug and play facilities are also available in hp printers for instant use at office or home. For best result we recommend you to properly setup your hp wireless printer on windows 10 or mac computers. This help guide will cover every hp printer like hp envy printer setup, hp officejet printer setup, hp deskjet printer setup, hp laserjet printer setup and hp photosmart printer setup. These hp printer wireless setup steps are applicable for both windows 10 and Mac computers. There are different steps of installation for both windows and mac computers. Here are some simple steps that you have to follow now.

(1) Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

The very first option to connect your HP wireless printer to your home or office network is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). WPS has two setup modes to connect your HP printer over wireless network. First one is “PIN” and other is “PUSH BUTTON.”


This mode of setup is little difficult to connect with wireless network. For this mode you have to follow the instructions on your printer screen.

      • Go to “Settings” or “Setup” option on your printer screen.
      • Choose the wireless option.
      • Select “PIN” option.
      • Now, it will ask you to enter the WPS PIN on the printer screen.
      • You will get this PIN at the back side of your Router or Modem.
      • Enter the PIN on the Printer Screen and printer setup will complete.


This mode of setup is easier than the PIN method. Follow the instruction below for wireless setup.

      • Go to “Settings” or Setup option on your printer screen.
      • Choose the wireless option again on the printer.
      • Now select “PUSH BUTTON” option on the screen.
      • You will get a message on your printer screen “Push the WPS button for next 3 sec”.
      • Now you have to Push the WPS button at the back side of your Router or Modem.
      • Press and hold it for next 5 sec.
      • You will get a message on printer screen “Connection successful”.
      • Now your HP Setup Wireless Printer is complete.

(2) Wireless Setup Wizard

Mostly used method for HP Printer Wireless Setup are “Wireless Setup Wizard.” Its like an old method of wireless connection for HP printers. Before starting the setup instructions you should have the wireless network name and password for your home or office network. Because it will be required at the time of setup. Now follow these steps for HP Wireless Printer Setup via wireless setup wizard.

      • Go to “Settings” or “Setup” option on your printer screen.
      • Choose the wireless option again on the printer.
      • Now, you will get “Wireless Setup Wizard” option on screen.
      • Select that option and follow the steps on your printer screen.
      • Now, you will get all your network names list on your printer screen.
      • Select your wireless network name and hit next.
      • In this step printer will ask you to enter the password of your wi-fi.
      • Enter the password and hit next.
      • “Connection Successful” for HP wireless printer setup.

(3) USB to Wireless Setup

This is the last method for Setup HP Wireless Printer. USB to wireless setup is a very different way of printer setup. In this setup process you have to install the drivers of your wireless printer. When you will be installing the HP wireless printer drivers it will give you an option of “USB to Wireless Setup”. Now, you can follow the steps on your computer screen and it will be converting USB printer into wireless connection. In this method your printer should be connected to the computer via USB so that HP printer drivers will change it to wireless automatically.

HP USB Printer Setup in windows 10 and windows 7

Everyone wants to use their HP printer as wireless but on the other hand there are other customers who still use the printers with cables and USB. So today we will be sharing some information and tips how can I use HP USB printer setup in windows 10 computers. This help guide is for hp printers with windows 10 or windows 7 computers. We recommend installing the compatible drivers for you hp USB printer setup. This will help you to unlock all the features of your HP printer like Scan, Fax and Print wireless.

  • Firstly connect your HP printer to your windows 10 or windows 7 computer via USB cable.
  • Now on your computer install the latest drivers of your hp printer.
  • Once the setup will start, follow all the instruction on the computer screen.
  • In this process you will be asked to disconnect the USB cable once.
  • After that connect the USB cable again and follow the next step.
  • Once the hp printer setup will complete, it will ask you to restart your computer.
  • Restart your computer and now your printer is ready to use.

HP Printer Setup in Mac computers

Around 40% customers are using HP printers with Mac and Apple computers. HP printers will give you easy to print service in Mac computer, but for that you have to setup your hp printer properly in Mac computers. Hp printer setup in Mac computer is easy as compare to windows computer. In this section we will tell you the tips and tricks for HP printer setup Mac and Apple computers. If you need any additional help please call hp printer setup team for install help. Here are some simple steps to install and setup HP printer in Mac computers.

  • With the help of USB please connect your HP printer and Mac computer.
  • Once your printer is connected go to settings of your Computer.
  • Select Printers and Scanners.
  • Now click “Add” new printer on the computer screen.
  • In this step you will get your printer in the list of devices.
  • Select your HP printer and hit next.
  • Now, you can see your hp printer installed on your computer screen.
  • In this process you don’t need any CD or Drivers for HP Printer.
  • Now your HP Printer setup in Mac computer is Successful.

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