How to Add a Printer on Mac

Did you just buy a mac laptop and struggling how to add a printer on mac, always confusing for first time configuration your mac to a printer and searching how to add a wireless printer to a mac.

how to add printer on mac

How to Add Printer on Mac

Connecting a printer to your Mac mainly depends on the printer that you are using. If the printer is a relatively new model then there is a chance that it supports Airprint. In this case, you can set up Airprint and complete your task within moments. If it does not support Airprint, then the user will need some printer drivers. These drivers can be found on your system or downloaded from the internet.

How to Add a Wireless Printer to a Mac

If you want to learn how to add a wireless printer to a mac, you’ll need to connect the Wifi network. For a mac printer with a built-in display, use the given display to enter the name and the password of the Wifi Network. These details can be found at the bottom of the main router of the internet.

Now, if in case the printer uses a Wifi Protected Setup (WPS), you can refer to the documentation of the router for the details on how to add printer. Following are the instructions for add printer to Mac:

  1. First, open AirPort Utility. It can be found in the Utilities folder which can be found in the Applications folder.
  2. Click on the base station in AirPort Utility. Here, enter the password for base station if the prompt appears.
  3. The next step is to open the menu bar and choose Base Station. Add WPS Printer.
  4. You can either Select & First attempt or select PIN as the type of connection allowed for WPS.

    Follow this by clicking on continue to add printer to Mac.

    In case of “First attempt” you can push the WPS button which is present on the printer. Click on done as the printer’s MAC Address appears.

    In case you have selected “PIN”, then enter the PIN number of the printer. It should be a part of the list in the documentation given for the printer. Follow this by clicking on Continue for add printer. The final step is to click on done.

  5. Finally, exit AirPort Utility as a solution of how to add a printer to a mac.

How to Add a Network Printer On Mac

To add printer, you need to know how to add a network printer on mac you can add it in the same way as a wireless printer. Whether your printer is connected through the Ethernet or through Wifi, this will be made available in the Default Tab in the Printers and Scanners Tab on your Mac.

When the Ethernet and Wifi options are not available, then connect it to the Mac on the network directly via USB into the router. Then add it from Printers and Scanners to add printer.

How To Find a Printer IP Address on a Mac

when the printer does not appear in the Default Tab of the Printers and Scanners, then you will have to connect through the IP Tab. Find the printer IP address to learn How to Add a Printer on Mac.

This IP address can be by going to the networked Mac. This has to be configured to the printer by using the Bonjour Browser. You can enable this by default in Safari. You can also enable it by going to Preferences > Advanced. You can select either “Include Bonjour in the Bookmarks menu” or “Include Bonjour in the Favorites bar”.

When you have the IP address, you can type it out in the address field in the Printers & Scanners menu. You can name the printer. To do that selects the printer from the drop-down list. Click on add.

One of the top tips is to test the printer by creating a test document in Text Edit Before going for a multiple page print to add printer.

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