5 Simplest Ways to Fix HP Printer Won't Connect to Wi-Fi Issue

HP printer users often faced connectivity issues with wireless networks. HP printer users can refer to the user manual or HP support site to understand How to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi. If users are unable to connect the HP printer to Wi-Fi, users can refer to this article to fix the HP printer connectivity issue.

Why Is My HP Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

The potential causes that lead to HP printers not connecting to Wi-Fi are given here.

  • Incorrect router configuration
  • Outdated printer driver software and printer firmware
  • Other electronic device’s interference
  • Network security settings

How to fix the HP Printer Won't Connect to Wi-Fi Issue?

Users can use the following troubleshooting checks to resolve the HP printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Check if the Printer Wi-Fi is ON:

Check if the HP Printer Wi-Fi is ON

Every wireless HP printer has a Wi-Fi button. Users can press the wi-fi button situated on a printer to turn ON the wi-fi feature. If a user is unable to find the wi-fi button on the wireless HP printer then, users can turn on the wi-fi feature from printer settings.

  • Restarting Printer, router, and modem:

Users can restart the printer and modem in the following manner.

  1. Turn off the printer, router, and modem.

  2. Remove the power cable of the printer from the socket.

    Remove the power cable of the printer from the socket

  3. Unplug the router and modem.

  4. Wait for 30 seconds. It allows devices to cool down and indicate to your system that the router, modem, or printer is offline.

  5. Turn on the modem and wait for 60 seconds. In 60 seconds, the modem will authenticate our Internet Service Provider and assign a public IP address.

  6. Plug in and turn ON the router.

  7. Wait for 1-2 minutes to boot up the router.

  8. Put the power cable and turn ON the printer.

  9. Try to set up an HP Wireless Printer.
  • Update Printer Firmware:

HP regularly releases firmware updates. Users should regularly update printer firmware to enjoy error-free printing. There are 3 ways to update printer firmware.

  • Update Printer Firmware via the HP Smart app
  1. Open the HP Smart application.

    Open HP Smart Application

  2. Go to the Settings and management tools of your HP printer.

  3. Click on the Advanced Settings- printer Embedded Web Server (EWS).

    HP Smart Application Advanced Settings

  4. Select the Printer update option.

    HP Printer Update Option

  5. If the Printer Update option is missing then, go to Tools-> Printer Updates-> Firmware Updates

    Printer Updates Firmware Updates

  6. If it asks for login then, enter the details from the printer label.

  7. Users can find the printer label inside the cartridge access area.

  8. Click on the Check Now button. This will automatically install a new printer firmware update.

  9. Users should not turn off the HP printer during the Printer firmware update.

  • Update Printer Firmware via Printer Settings
  1. Ensure that the printer is connected to the wireless or ethernet network.

  2. Open the printer control panel and tap on the Printer Settings.

  3. Click on the Preferences, Printer Maintenance, or Tools.

  4. Select Web Services, Printer Update, or LaserJet Update.

    Select Web Services, Printer Update, LaserJet Update

  5. Follow on-screen instructions to turn on web services.

  6. Click on the check for update or a similar option to update printer firmware.

  • Update Printer Firmware via Windows
  1. Connect the HP printer to a computer either via a USB cable or wireless network.

    Connect HP Printer Via USB Cable

  2. Open the web browser from the Windows system and visit the official HP website.

  3. Tap on the HP Software and Driver Downloads section.

  4. Enter your HP printer model and operating system details.

    Enter your HP printer model and operating system details

  5. Tap on the firmware from the driver’s list and tap on the download button to download updated firmware.

    HP Printer Server Page

  6. Follow on-screen instructions to install updated printer firmware. User should not turn off the printer during firmware updates, this can damage your HP printer.

  • Reset Network Settings:

Resetting the network setting might help resolve the HP printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. Use the steps given here to reset network settings.

  1. Go to a printer control panel.

  2. Tap on the Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings option.

    Restore Network Settings HP Printer

  • Factory Reset HP printer:

If the above steps don’t help then, users can factory reset the HP printer by using the below steps.

  1. Open the web browser and go to the printer IP address. (Ensure that printer and computer are connected.)

  2. Go to Settings-> Restore Defaults.

  3. Click on the Restore Factory Defaults button.

    Restore Factory Defaults
  4. Confirm the same to Factory Reset HP printer.

In Conclusion, Connecting an HP printer to a wireless network has never been easier for new users. The above steps assist users in fixing the HP printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi problem. Users can easily connect all kinds of HP printers to a wireless network by referring to the troubleshooting checks given in the article.